Why the Instagram Carousel feature is Perfect for Real Estate Agents

In February 2017 Instagram introduced one of the many features it would launch that year: Instagram Carousel. This feature would let you post a slideshow with a total of 10 photos and/or images where people can simply swipe through. This way you can simply post all the pictures you like, so you don’t have to spend all your time debating which image would be the best to post.

The addition of this feature is amazing, especially for real estate agents. Why? This feature lets you showcase listings to your followers in a unique way. Instead of posting a video, or a collage, you can use the Carousel feature. All you have to do is download a couple photos to your phone and you can create a Carousel.

Quick pro tip: always make sure the first photo of your Carousel is an exterior photo that showcases the home. Don’t pick a photo of the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom as your first photos. These Carousel posts will get a lot less engagement than the ones who have an exterior photo first.

How do I create these Carousel posts? Check out the video below from Instagram! You can expect an extensive guide on how to post Instagram Carousel soon on our blog too.

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