Top 3 Mistakes Realtors Make on Instagram

Not getting the results you want on Instagram? That could probably be because you’re making three crucial mistakes that we just see too often with realtors. Below you will find 3 common mistakes realtors make on Instagram.

1. Don’t set your Instagarm page to private

Almost every day we run into a real estate agent on Instagram who has their profile set to private. If you’re trying to grow a following and generate leads through Instagram, you’re doing it wrong. The only way to grow and increase your exposure is to be open to the public, having a private profile is simply contradictive. That’s why the best thing to do is switch over to a business profile. This will set your page to appear publicly and add several contact options on your profile such as email, call, text and directions. Making it extremely easy for potential clients from Instagram to get in contact with you! In this previous article we talk more in depth how to go about switching over to a Business Profile on instagram.

2. Not using any hashtags

Another mistake we see just too often is people not using any hashtags at all. Hashtags are very important and we recommend you use all 30 of them on every single Instagram post. Why use hashtags? The answer is simple: by using hashtags you’re getting more exposure, engagement and favoring Instagram’s algorithm. You should see a noticeable spike in engagement the moment you start using hashtags. We strongly suggest only using hashtags that are related to the content you are posting!

3. Not using Instagram Stories

The Instagram Story feature is a fairly new feature in Instagram, but it already has gained over 300 million daily users and it’s still growing every single day! Instagram Stories were first introduced to the Instagram app, but later introduced to Facebook and WhatsApp as well. Instagram Stories lets you post videos and pictures that will be temporarily front and center on your profile for for only 24 hours, but with the new Highlights feature that was just added you can also select for certain Stories to remain visible.

Stories are a perfect way to post content that you usually wouldn’t want sticking around on your page and diluting your posts. Another great reason to use Stories is to engage with your followers by posting polls, videos and so many other hidden features! To get the maximum exposure on your story we suggest you always tag a location and a hashtag on your Instagram Story as well.

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